Shaping a Climate-Forward Mumbai

Mumbai joined the C40 Cities Network in 2020, to become only the fifth Indian city in the global network. The Mumbai Climate Action Plan’s main objective is to create a comprehensive strategy to tackle the challenges of climate change by adopting inclusive and robust mitigation and adaptation strategies.

The Plan aims to identify vulnerable communities that are most impacted by the effects of climate change and to increase resilience by introducing sector-specific strategies for mitigation and adaptation.


Mitigation is defined as the action or process of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something – in this case, the impact of emissions on the city of Mumbai.  The team will develop a greenhouse gas inventory for the city using C40’s CIRIS tool, identifying opportunities for emission reduction based on certain targets set for the years 2030 and 2050. 


Adaptation is defined as the process of adjusting to current or expected outcomes and changes – in this case, the potential impact of climate change, on the city of Mumbai, in the coming years.  The team will complete a spatial vulnerability assessment to identify vulnerable communities and introduce strategies to increase city resilience in the face of climate risks

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